What is SANCUS ?


Introducing SANCUS, the all-in-one digital platform to seamlessly onboard, assess and maintain your customers’ confidential KYC data

The SANCUS digital onboarding and compliance platform consolidates all the tools and services required to conduct effective KYC compliance: from initial customer onboarding, to compliance verification, to ongoing maintenance of data updates. Key functionality includes:

Online biometric / ID verification (Selfie / passport scan and assessment)

Secure digital document management (no more back and forth emailing)

Integration with multiple data repositories (such as Comply Advantage and Bisnode)

Configurable workflows for review and verification (route customers to the right teams by risk level, customer categories and products requested)

How Does It Work?

# 1

Customer creates digital KYC file

The Customer avails an online portal to efficiently create their complete digital KYC file

# 2

Organization reviews digital KYC file

Compliance officers at the reviewing Organization verify the digital KYC file using automated public data checks and rules engines; once validated, the digital KYC file is placed in a secure repository

# 3

All-in-One Solution

The reviewing module aggregates all the necessary screening tools to conduct robust verification through a single dashboard

# 4

Ongoing compliance is seamless

The Organization can track who validated the data and when it's due for renewal; the Customer can conveniently update their digital KYC file through the online portal

Advantages for Organizations


All-in-one solution

Access all the tools and services required for KYC verification, including biometric verification, data aggregation of international repositories and integration with AML automated scoring



Avails a proprietary distributed system for encrypting and storing Customer data secured by proven cryptographic protocols adhering to the highest security standards



The proprietary back-end design has been legally assessed to be compliant with GDPR as well as the 4th AML Directive, providing the requisite assurance to Organizations

Advantages for Customers



Data is under Customer control at all times; Customers have the discretion to update, share or remove access to their digital KYC file with a single action



By removing information silos, Customers can administer a Single Version of Truth of their data in real time



Customers can upload and securely share verified data seamlessly through the SANCUS platform, eliminating email back-and-forth and accelerating time to approval



We make digital onboarding and renewals
seamless for customers and
streamlined for organizations

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