how your organization tracks and shares
sensitive KYC data within internal group units and
subsidiaries across global jurisdictions


What is ATLAS ?

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Introducing ATLAS, the secure intragroup platform for tracking and sharing sensitive KYC data

The ATLAS intragroup platform enables Organizations to securely track and share Customer KYC and other data in order to effectively collaborate on a comprehensive and compliant Single Version of Truth across a group’s different units and subsidiaries in one or more geographies. This is accomplished through a proprietary system design comprised of advanced distributed technologies (such as blockchain), together with proven cryptographic protocols.

How Does It Work?

# 1

Customer creates digital KYC file

The Customer creates their digital KYC file through an online portal and shares it with any approved Group Unit, both domestic and international

# 2

Group Unit reviews digital KYC file

Compliance officers at the reviewing Group Unit verify the digital KYC file using automated public data checks; once validated, the digital KYC file is placed on a private, distributed platform for internal sharing

# 3

Verified digital KYC file becomes Single Version
of Truth for the Organization

When the Customer makes an update to their digital KYC file, they can consent to automatically share all changes across the Group Units they have a relationship with

# 4

Ongoing compliance is seamless

Group Units accessing an existing digital KYC file can track who validated the data and when it's due for renewal; compliance teams manage renewals through a comprehensive dashboard with full audit log

Advantages for Organizations



Increase operational efficiency while reducing costly duplication of efforts towards KYC verification by creating a single interface with each Customer for all compliance tasks



Automate manual processes, enabling consistency and common standards to establish a Single Version of Truth for ongoing KYC maintenance



Optimize onboarding and KYC data renewal obligations to focus on cross-selling and accelerating business velocity

Advantages for Customers



Data is under Customer control at all times; Customers have the discretion to update, share or remove access to their digital KYC file with a single action



By removing information silos, Customers can administer a Single Version of Truth of their data across group units and jurisdictions in real-time



Customers are given the convenience to share verified data seamlessly through the ATLAS platform, eliminating the pain of duplicate compliance procedures when dealing with multiple subsidiaries in one or more geographies.



Relieve the KYC burden your
organization is currently shouldering

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