Financial institutions

Financial institutions

Banks are currently spending on average USD 50-60 million per year on KYC processes, largely due to cumbersome manual processes

That amount has been rising by almost 20% per year and is likely to continue that trend, especially with the introduction of the 4th Anti-Money Laundering directive by June 2017

norbloc KYC platform allows:

  • Highly secure digitization of KYC profiles
  • Secure and auditable sharing of KYC profiles
  • Monetization of banks’ KYC stamp of approval

Banks can achieve 30% savings by using the platform, with minimal change of internal KYC procedures and limited system integration

Financial institutions

Always included in our Enterprise plans

  • Unlimited usage volumes
  • Fully customizable customer/institution interface and compliance reports
  • Dedicated integration and operations support
  • Choice on data storage; on-premise or as a managed service
  • Full API documentation for integration to your existing AML and other services
  • Extensive automated collection of customer information and screenings with your PEP databases of choice

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