How the FIDES platform works

Create KYC request

Choose from our library of KYC questionnaires, or create your own forms. You decide who is the recipient and how long they have to return the completed forms. You can even add your own logo and design to the questionnaire.

create request

Fill in pre-populated forms

Customer complete a questionnaire pre-filled in with existing validating data or data sourced from multiple public sources, e.g. corporate registries. They can collaborate within their organization and UBOs and signatories can sign electornically

fill customer data

Validate data and assign KYC rating

Fides automatically screens information and runs PEP/Sanction list checks with external providers. Further automation guided by banks' SOPs can also be applied to suggest a KYC pre-rating to Bank officer

verify customer data

Customers in control of their data

Customers can access their own portal to review which financial institutions have access to which fields of their file and which ones have validated their KYC identity information


Regulatory compliance enabled

Detailed audit logs allowing Compliance Officer in banks and Regulators alike to review all relevant customer and Bank Officer actions using custom made dashboards